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No deal is complete for us until our seller is happy and satisfied with the contract. We aim to go above and beyond on every contract to ensure an easy and flawless deal. Here are some of our amazing video testimonial reviews!

Customer Review: Cathy
Cathy had a wonderful experience with us!
Customer Review: Mo | She Struggled w/ This House for 16 Years!
Mo struggled with this property for 16 years!
Customer Review: Cameron's Experience | Shane Adams Real Estate
Cameron had a great experience!
Customer Review: Tim's Experience | "It's Been a SWEET Deal!"
In this hilarious take, Tim gives us his experience selling his house for cash.
Customer Review: Gil's Experience | Shane Adams Real Estate
Gil’s Experience w/ Shane Adams Real Estate
Will DANCED All the Way to Closing! | Customer Review
Will was so happy to work with us, he started dancing!
We Bought a Fire Damaged House!
We were able to give Neal and Denise a cash offer after their house was lost to a fire!

Kind Words From Former Home Sellers

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sell my house fast louisville
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Why we do what we do

To us, there’s something special about being able to help you sell your house fast in Louisville and Southern Indiana. We understand that there is a multitude of reasons why someone would be needing to not only sell their house but needing to do so quickly. From tired landlords to a property dropped on someone’s lap from the probate courts, we are always here to find a creative solution to your unique issue. If you search, “sell my house fast Louisville” you’ll find quite a bit of fellow investors in the area, but what sets us apart from the rest is our keen understanding and transparency to any of the situations you may have. We build great relationships with our sellers and ensure that they’re happy and satisfied with selling their house to us. As you can see above, many have enjoyed their experience with us because of our approach to their individual situations.

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Sell my house fast in just 3 easy steps!

sell my house fast louisville

Sell my house fast” can seem difficult or even risky for some sellers. Believe it or not, many prefer selling to an investor for cash than listing with an agent. When you make the decision to list, your ability to sell your home is all determined by the market and what buyers are looking for. Since most of these buyers are looking for a home to call their own, any repairs that are needed on the property will have to be done, which means more money out of your pocket; and that doesn’t include the cost of renovations to bring your house to modern standards. However, when you sell your house for cash with Shane Adams Real Estate, we’ll give you a fair cash offer for your house in its current condition.

Connie had a troublesome property with troublesome tenants for over fifty years. All it took was a phone call with us and we were able to give her a cash offer to allow her to start a new chapter in life, getting the burden of that property off her shoulders. If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Louisville or Southern Indiana, we’re here to do the same for you!

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“A cash offer goes faster, with less risk for the seller … A cash offer is a stronger offer … Cash sales have lower costs.”