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If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Louisville, you’re in luck! We buy houses Louisville KY!

Sell My House Fast: Getting Cash For Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

We Buy Houses For Cash Louisville KY – No Repairs – No Fees – No BS

More than likely, you probably have some questions at this point. Here are some common questions we get:

  • How Long Does The Process Take?
  • How Do You Come Up With My Offer?
  • Where Do You Buy Houses From?
  • How Does Your Process Work?
  • What Do You Consider When Buying A House?

Let Us Answer Some of these Questions For You Right Now:

How Long Does It Take?

The best part about this process is we are on your clock! That’s right, we buy houses Louisville KY completely around your time and schedule to make the sale as easy and convenient as possible.

We can have a cash-offer ready as fast as 1 hour after you fill out our form! It’s that simple! Our team is ready to put together the best and most-fair offer possible for your home!

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Closing can happen in UNDER 7 DAYS from our first contact! Not everyone aims to moves this quickly, but for those that are looking to, we’ve got you covered.

How Do You Come Up With My Offer?

“How much are you REALLY going to give me?” This has to be one of the first questions we are asked all the time during our process. You have to account for: Agent Fees, Closing Costs, Repair Costs, Money Owed To The Bank and Etc.

With Shane Adams Real Estate, the amount on the dotted line is the EXACT amount going to YOU! No Hidden costs or fees, every penny goes straight back into your hands!

Let’s Break Down The Offer

  1. First, we do an evaluation of the property. We look to find out the basic information such as Square Footage, Beds, Baths, Style and any other information that could be found helpful about the property.
  2. Next, we find what is known as “ARV” or “After Repair Value”. What allows us to buy homes “As-Is” is the fact that we put in the costs and time to make repairs (if necessary) on the property. The ARV is what we believe the house can be sold for after our guys give it a touch up.
  3. A walkthrough is one of the last steps we take in the process. A virtual or in-person walkthrough works great for us! This allows us to get the full feel of the property and make any last minute notes on our evaluation. The walkthrough takes only 10-15 minutes and we’ll even give you an offer on the spot!
  4. Making it Make Sense. Of course, we are a business and in order to stay in business we must make a form of profit. We don’t just care for our profit though, we want to make sure all parties are satisfied in the deal and everyone walks away a winner!
Seller Wants Highest and Best Offer? This is How We Do It | Full Walkthrough

Where Do You Buy Homes?

We buy houses in two primary markets! We buy houses Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. Though these are our two main markets, these are not our only markets! We are able to do work no matter the state or city you are in!

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We buy houses anywhere!

So, How Does The Process Work?

We have a super simple and easy 3 step process in our house-buying process!

we buy houses louisville ky

Fill out our form or contact us!

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sell my house fast louisville


Next, we review the information about the property and give it a fair evaluation of its current “As-Is” value.

we buy houses louisville ky

Offer Time

We’ll call you with your Fair Cash Offer for your house once we have it put together! There is absolutely no obligation to accept and we make sure all parties fully understand the agreement! No closing costs, no realtor commissions, or fees of any kind come out of your pocket!

And just like that, you got paid.

What Do You Consider When Buying A Home?

sell my house fast louisville

When we buy houses, our considerations range from a LONG list of possibilities. We always want to account for any and all reasons and be prepared for any scenario. Whatever the reason you are selling, we are here to help you sell your house fast and efficiently! Here are a few things we are always thinking about during a sale.

  • How Are We Helping?
  • Why Are You Selling The House?
  • How Much Do You Need For The House?
  • What Work Is Needed On The Property?
  • How Fast or Slow Would You Like To Make The Process?

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Check Out Our Walk-Through and Explanation Videos:

941 Chestnut Ave. Walk Through
For Sale By Owner: House Walk Through
Cool Vintage Remodel with a Cabin-Like Feel in Fairdale, Kentucky!

We Buy Houses Louisville KY and we do it around your schedule!

we buy houses louisville

As we’ve said before, we buy houses on your time! However your schedule is structured, even if you’re only free on the weekends, we’ll work with you to find a time to come out and give you an offer; same for closing day!

Read “We Buy Houses Louisville KY – What’s the catch? to learn more about selling your house for cash! https://www.simpleandfastoffer.com/blog/we-buy-houses-louisville-ky-whats-the-catch/

We Make the Process Quick and Easy

Selling a house can be a long, drawn-out– and costly– process. This is why we’re here to give homeowners a much more simple solution allowing a quick closing time and absolutely no fees.

By giving you a fair cash offer for your Louisville house, we’ll be putting your mind at ease knowing you’ve finally sold that burdensome house and can now move on with your life.

We have a team of home-buying specialists ready to discuss your property and most importantly, give you a fair, all-cash offer and close at your earliest convenience. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Louisville break free from their old, burdensome, and sometimes damaged houses.

We buy houses in Louisville KY and even Southern Indiana. Have a house that’s outside of these areas? No problem! We buy houses anywhere, regardless of condition!

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